Amalgamated Rehabilitation
Recycling Group

ARRG is a Queensland based Licensed Scrap Metal Dealer and Recycling Company with strong bias for recycling scrap metal (Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals) The establishment was founded in Chinchilla 2016 by a consortium of shareholders - who have joined forces with 50 years of experiences to favourably compete with other Leading Scrap Metal & Waste Companies around Australia. The objective of the merger was a result of an identified shortage of Total Waste Management Services in and around Queensland.

ARRG 's Primary Recycling Depot is securely positioned in an Industrial Estate in the heart of Chinchilla Queensland (Cooper Street) surrounded by prodominent client's.


Our Team

Peter Monaghan
General Manager
Phone: +61 499 778 265

Sophea Monaghan
Branch Manager and Accounts
Phone: +61 499 778 264

Leslie Yin
Purchasing and First Aid Officer
Phone: +61 447 017 227

Trevor Williams
Site Supervisor
Phone: +61 487 157 163

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Amalgamated Rehabilitation
Recycling Group​​

ARRG's ethical approach and execution is to ensure the clients best interests are honoured and protected at all times. Honesty is an attribute ARRG believe in upholding to fully succeed in a highly aggressive market - delivering the most current competitive prices has to offer.

ARRG retain great pleasure to ensure that every recycable material or product that leaves our Depot will meet the clients expectations and is in line with the best practises in the industry.

As a Company, it's imperitive to acknowledge and recipocate your Scrap Metal and Waste Facilitates to assist and identify opportunites for Waste Audits and Future Improvements.


Processing Yard

24-26 Cooper Street
Chinchilla QLD 4413

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Trading Hours
Mon-Fri: 7:00am-5:00pm
Sat-Sun: Closed

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